Employee Benefits

Our company has developed a comprehensive set of employee benefit pro- grams to supplement our employees’ regular wages. Our benefits represent a hidden value of additional income to our employees and each plan is outlined in the documents attached to this handbook.

Refer to the actual plan documents and summary plan descriptions if you have specific questions regarding the benefit plan. Those documents are controlling and the company reserves the right to modify its benefits at any time. We will keep you informed of any changes.

Paid Time Off

It’s important you use your PTO to unplug from the office. PTO is all inclusive and the days can be used as you see fit. Please plan accordingly.

If possible, all requests for time off should be approved by your supervisor with at least two weeks advanced notice. Once approved, inform the Operations Manager of the date(s) and add it into the Syndicate Master Calendar. Please do not make any personal travel plans until you have consulted with your manager and your PTO request has been approved.

A coverage plan needs to be created and discussed with your supervisor/department to ensure your work is completed while you’re out, and an ‘Out of Office’ reminder must be set giving appropriate contacts to reach in your absence.

If you are sick and/or contagious but can put in a full work day at home, notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

The Syndicate offices close for a period of time in December each year due to the schedule of our clients within the industry. The dates vary each calendar year, but this pre-determined period of time is considered paid vacation time for all full time employees.

In addition, full time employees are entitled to the following:

Upon Hire: December Vacation, 2 PTO Days
After 60 Days: 2 Additional PTO Days (4 total)
After 180 Days: 7 Additional PTO Days (11 total)
Anniversary Date: 1 additional PTO Days each year for a maximum of 7 additional days

All PTO days are reset at the end of the calendar year and PTO days cannot be carried over to the following year. Employees are not paid for unused PTO.

There are several events and conventions throughout the year for which differ- ent departments in our agency play an integral role. You must coordinate with your manager to determine whether it is viable to take PTO during these times.

Medical Insurance

Eligible full-time employees may enroll in either a single or family contract. You are eligible after 90 days of employment. Information and enrollment forms may be obtained from the Operations Manager.

Our company pays a portion of the cost of a single contract. The difference will be paid through a payroll deduction. If you elect dependent coverage, you are responsible for paying the difference through a payroll deduction.

A booklet containing the details of the plan and eligibility requirements may be obtained from the Operations Manager. Our plan is reviewed for renewal April 1st of each year. Our carrier may increase our premium at this time.

Upon termination you may be entitled to continuation or conversion of the group medical insurance plan through COBRA in accordance with the terms of the policy and/or applicable state and federal law.

Our medical insurance advisors are BCG Advisors

Our Contact:

Regina Filangieri
(201) 435-4500 x110

Samantha Teel
(201) 435-4500 x113

Dental And Supplemental Insurance

The Syndicate pays 100% of an employee-only dental insurance DHMO plan through Metlife. Employees are eligible to enroll in the dental plan after 30 days of employment.

We also make a variety of supplemental insurance available, including disability, life, cancer, and accident coverage. Enrollment is voluntary, and employees are responsible for 100% of the premium through payroll deductions.

Our Contact:

Harry Lore
(609) 807-5628

401(k) Qualified Retirement Plan

Our company provides eligible employees with a 401(k) Qualified Retirement plan, which is an excellent means of long-term savings for your retirement. The company’s contribution is determined by the company on an annual basis. Currently the company matches employee contributions up to 4% your annual salary. Employees are eligible for 401(k) after 60 days of employment. Employees are 100% vested in the plan, which means you take it with you if you leave the company.

In the event of any conflict in the description of the plan, the official plan documents (which are available for your review) shall govern. If you have any questions regarding this plan, see the Operations Manager.

Our 401(k) Retirement Plan Advisors are Robin S. Weingast & Associates

Our Contact:

Marilyn Pesantez
(516) 794-1450

Commuter Benefits

The Syndicate offers a comprehensive commuter benefit program, allowing employees to deduct eligible work-related transit and parking expenses on a pre-tax basis. By using pre-tax money to help cover the cost of your commute, you can save up to 30% annually. See the Operations Manager if you are interested in learning more about eligibility requirements or to sign up.