coldplay - kaleidoscope



Atlantic Records tasked The Syndicate to assist in the promotion of Coldplay’s new album Kaleidoscope EP.


Developed a street marketing campaign at 3 major music festivals, that helped expand Coldplay’s current fan base and create buzz around the new album Kaleidoscope.

  • Deployed a 12-day campaign during 3 music festivals; Bumbershoot, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands

  • Street marketing representatives vocally promoted Kaleidoscope EP and distributed Kaleidoscopes & sticker sheets to festival attendees

  • Increased knowledge of the album release within the music festival community


  • 20,000+ promotional materials were distributed throughout the campaign

  • Fans were extremely excited to receive the promotional items and listen to Kaleidoscope EP

  • Positive Feedback Included: “Oh I love Coldplay, I haven’t checked out the EP yet, but I will” and “Attendees were really excited about receiving the free stickers, a lot of them thanked us after they realized what we were handing out!”