Inside The Office

We’re a dynamic, active group here, and we believe it’s important to interact with your team beyond just an email thread. Whether it’s a local happy hour, a pickup basketball game, a run by the river, or a surprise bagel breakfast, there are plenty of ways to get up and connect with those around you.

Outside The Office

Attending events in the New York area and beyond is a big part of what we do here, and it’s a vital part of our ever-growing company. We encourage you to get out and attend as many concerts, shows, and gatherings as possible. It’s a great way to engage with coworkers, new and existing clients, as well as to bring new ideas back to the office.

Don't Make A 25-Person
Company Feel Like 200 People

Try not to over-formalize communication. We all sit together, so there’s no need to send an email to the person sitting one row away. You’re surrounded by smart people from every discipline – talk to them, learn from them and allow them to learn from you. You aren’t expected to stay at your desk all day – get up, move around, get coffee, walk down to the water, call your parents, draw a picture, go see what new potato chips the Tiger Mart has. It’ll make for a better workday all around.

Be Respectful, But Don't Be Delicate

The best breakthroughs usually happen when people can have a constructive, passionate discussion about an idea. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind – just be honest and respectful.

Should anything arise during your time here, talk to us! We encourage you to bring your questions and suggestions to our attention. We will carefully consider each of these in our continuing effort to improve operations.

Take Care Of The Space

We treat this office like a second home and we take care of it accordingly. This means respecting the common areas, tidying up after yourself, cleaning your dishes, wiping the countertops and cleaning your food from the fridge, just like you would at home.

The company provides coffee, water, and Red Bull for everybody. If you notice anything running low, fill it up for the next guy/gal. This goes for toilet paper and paper towels, too!

Aesthetics Are Important

Within the office, our dress code is casual, but neat. We trust you know how to dress yourself for work. On days where you know you will be meeting with a client, either at the office or offsite, put your best foot forward and dress the part.

Time Management

Please be mindful of the fine line between professional and personal communication during working hours. This means limiting person- al calls, texts, and social media use so it doesn’t interfere with getting your work done.


As a company we feel giving back is important. We volunteer with on a monthly basis with great local agencies and we hope you’ll join us when your schedule allows. The Operations Manager will inform the staff about upcoming opportunties, and suggestions are always welcome!

In addition to Syndicate opportunities, you will have one day per quarter to allot to a volunteer opportunity of your choosing. If this is something you’re interested in taking advantage of, please request approval from your supervisor and let you team know ahead of time you will be out of the office.


If we’re doing our jobs right, we should be learning something new every day; the more we know, the better equipped we are as individuals and as employees. There are several ways to get involved both inside the office and out:

1) Attending a class, workshop or lecture to refresh your skills or to learn some- thing new
2) Inviting someone from your own network to come in and teach a skill or a new idea to the staff
3) Teaching the staff yourself!

With a little preparation, it’s easy to turn a conference room into a classroom. Just make sure you present the idea to your supervisor and implement a plan which allows everyone to get the most out of it.


Above all else, The Syndicate’s internship program is designed to be a learning experience for the students. We value our interns as contributors, not as task rabbits. We give them real work and a lot of responsibility, and we expect them to be shown them the same respect you’d give anyone else. Our internship pro- gram has been an integral part of our growing company and many of our senior employees got their start through the internship system. Finally, always be on the lookout for new talent, as our staff are the best recruiters.

Culture Club

We’re coworkers and friends here. We believe it’s much easier to work with someone once you get to know them. We also believe sometimes you just gotta shut your computer down a little early and have some fun.

The Culture Club activity is chosen each quarter by a company-wide vote and then coordinated by the Operations Manager. The committee organizes a monthly activity intended to be...FUN. It can be anything from a charades night to karaoke to a foosball tournament, and everything in between.