Herr's Sampling Campaign


Herr’s approached The Syndicate to help increase brand affinity + raise awareness for their new products, including Herr's Pub Style Thins Sourdough Pretzels and Herr's Old Bay Potato Chips. Herr’s aimed to incorporate a unique marketing campaign with their seasonal aerial advertising to reach families within their primary sales region.


  • Developed and executed a product sampling campaign, activating key trendsetters and influencers through grassroots marketing initiatives.
  • Identified 11 family-oriented beaches in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland as targets for the product sampling campaign
  • Deployed seven-week product sampling campaign across the East Coast, targeting 6 markets per weekend
  • Activated street marketing representatives as Herr’s brand ambassadors to vocally promote the brand and distribute product samples along beaches and boardwalks
  • Engaged and educated existing fans of the brand about the new products, while expanding the audience of Herr’s to other consumers across the East Coast


  • 30 total markets reached over 7 weeks
  • ~45,000 bags of product distributed
  • ~135,000 mouths fed as a result of the sampling campaign
  • ~1,755,000 individual chips/pretzels distributed
  • ~450,000+ impressions for Herr’s