Lewis Black - The Rant Is Due, Part Deux



Live Nation approached The Syndicate to raise awareness for Lewis Black’s national tour, The Rant Is Due, Part Deux and its 22 dates to comedy fans via publishers on The Laugh Network. 


We took a multi-level approach to the campaign on the network to maximize impressions across all publishers on The Laugh Network. Including banner ads, site skins, email blasts, podcast reads and ticket contesting geotargeted toward markets along the tour. The Laugh Network is a curated media ad network of publishers that caters to comedy fans. Publisher genres vary from editorial, ticketing, and podcast networks. 


  • Over 1M banner ad impressions delivered across 19 publishers on the network in the key comedy demographic

  • 5,400 site skin impressions delivered across 22 markets

  • Over 500 entries in to contests locally resulting in 22 pairs of winners.

  • 4 monthly newsletter blasts, resulting in 88,000 impressions

  • 6 total live reads on The Laugh Button podcast