NUE Agency partnered with The Syndicate to produce and promote an interactive New York City subway marketing campaign for the application Live.Me.


Organized and executed a two-part grassroots marketing initiative, activating marketing representatives as brand ambassadors to increase awareness for the Live.Me application. 

  • Increased downloads for the app on-site, by vocally promoting the Subway Beats competition and urging subway goers to interact with the app
  • Engaged with and encouraged subway-goers to enjoy and interact with the performances 
  • Filmed live stream performances and conducted artist interviews 
  • Vocally promoted the activation on New York City streets and in subway stations to drive traffic to the pop-up events
  • Collected sign-ups for Live.Me email list by entering attendees into ticket giveaways


  • 750+ subway goers attended the Grand Finale event in Grand Central
  • 150+ live busker style performances produced and recorded across 5 subway stations in New York City
  • Activated 90+ marketing representatives as brand ambassadors across the campaign