music tastes good 2018



Music Tastes Good tasked The Syndicate for a second year to build on its strong digital identity and social media footprint by developing its core audience base while amplifying awareness through a full-scale digital marketing campaign and comprehensive street marketing initiatives.


Built and executed a full-scale digital marketing campaign that highly engaged the 18034 demographic.

  • Developed and launched an extensive social advertising campaign.

  • Created a variety of ad campaigns that appealed to a myriad of fans across various platforms.

  • Drove engagement and reach by utilizing Facebook and Instagram’s various ad offerings.

  • Leveraged The Syndicate’s relationships to create a sizable media package, including Genius, DoLa, DoSD, Bandsintown, Spotify, and the Los Angeles Times.

  • Coordinated Out-of-Home traditional media with 5 digital and 4 static ad kiosks across 4 Southern Californian Universities.

  • Activated street marketing representatives to distribute promotional materials.

  • Created displays at 100+ retail and lifestyle locations across four college campuses.


  • Almost 16 million impressions across the 7 month campaign, with over half a million expressions across all platforms.

  • 2.1x Return on Advertising Spend on Facebook, with over 4x Return on Ad Spend overall.

  • Over 61k on-site social engagements with almost 1k views on most watched Instagram of the weekend.