The Journey Ends for the Sony Walkman

It came to our attention while reading Metal Insider this morning that production of the Sony Walkman has just now been stopped. That is truly an amazing run for the first truly portable audio device when you think of all of the technology that has followed it, some of which didn’t fair nearly as well as the Walkman (I’m looking at you MiniDisc). Once the recordable CD came into existence the portable audio device landscape changed forever, but it couldn’t kill the Walkman. Expensive portable CD players and mp3 players in the 90s allowed the cassette player to live on, but now easy access to digital entertainment has forced us all to say goodbye.

Personally, I haven’t used a Walkman since Junior High, but it’s a childhood memory that I’ll carry forever. If you’re nostalgic enough to be looking for one of the last Walkmans produced, head over to Metal Insider to find out where you can pick one up.

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