Synner Alumni Spotlight: Rachel Bulla (XM Radio)

Now that all you lovely people have gotten to know all of us here at The Syndicate a little bit better, we decided it was high time to reach out to some of your predecessors to find out what they’ve been up to! We’re proud to announce a new feature on our blog, which will showcase previous Synners and what they’re up to now. See what you can learn by joining the team and where it could possibly take you. Hell, you might even learn something!

This installment comes from Rachel Bulla, a former Austin / San Antonio Synner. She’s now at XM Satellite Radio, where she’s currently battling hordes of rodents…literally. Enjoy!

Rachel Bulla

NAME: Rachel Bulla
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION / COMPANY: Sr. Marketing Services Specialist / XM Satellite Radio
YEAR(S) YOU WERE A SYNNER: Hmm…you guys were always calling me for random projects. Let’s just say two years (on and off) and call it even?


Where do you work and what are you doing now?
I work at the XM Satellite Radio headquarters in Washington, DC. I project manage the execution of many of the high level advertising accounts for XM. I work with clients and ad agencies to get their campaigns up and running on the air and online. I also help brainstorm – and then implement – special promotions we carry out with our advertising partners and our programming team.

What other music industry experience do you have?
I was Music Director and Station Manager at KTSW, 89.9, in college. I also street teamed for Capitol Records before working with the Syn and I interned for the programming department here at XM before coming on full time.

How did you find out about becoming a Synner?
I think Moose asked me for a favor and told me to call some guys he worked with, Chris and Brian. You guys asked if I could pass out CDs in San Antonio after a show. I joined the Syn team after that and we made beautiful babies…I mean…I kept passing out CDs and stuff. I am also infamous at the Syn for rear ending Jon’s new car in New Jersey, mere days after he bought it. Sorry again homie!

What was your favorite Street Syndicate Campaign you were a part of, and why?
Basement Jaxx – Rooty! The CD was bangin, the art work was awesome and it was an easy one to get people pumped about. I also LOVED working Party of Helicopters. I had never heard of them, but the CD was sooooo good – I got anyone who would listen stoked about their album, and then saw them at SXSW. I still listen to that CD. So choice.

What were the most important things you learned as a Synner? Do these things apply to what you’re doing now?
Compliment people! Everyone loves a good (genuine) compliment and it’s an easy way to approach strangers. “Cool boots! Here’s a free sticker.” I also learned not to work on campaigns that have amazing posters. I hung tons of Velocette prints around Austin during SXSW and they were so great that people tore them down and took them home!

Why would you recommend students to get involved with The Street Syndicate?
If you want to make it in the big leagues, you have to learn how to Hustle. The Street Syn will teach you how to Hustle.

Venue for a show: Stubb’s in Austin, 9:30 Club in DC, Knitting Factory in NY
Show you’ve seen recently (or ever): Best show I saw in 2006 – Justin Timberlake – hands down! (I can hear you snickering…stop that! Dude rocks it.)
Music store: Waterloo Records in Austin, TX or Amoeba Records in Berkeley, CA
Current website: or
Radio station: XMU – XM Channel 43, KTSW 89.9 (holllller!), or East Village Radio
Television show: Arrested Development
Cable network: The Food Network
Movie from this past summer: Snakes On a mother effing Plane, duh!
DVD you own: Donnie Darko
Item of clothing: Black wool Decent Hoodie or one of my many Barking Irons shirts, but I’m not gonna lie – I rock the “biz cas” these days. They don’t call me “Pants Suit Sally” at work for nothin.

You’re no doubt into a lot of different types of music, but what are 2 different sounds you’re most attracted to right now and why?
I’m always down for some good ole fashion progressive hip-hop, but I’ve been listening to more mellow indie pop / acoustic artists lately. Rogue Wave, Margot and the Nukes, Amos Lee, Damien Rice and such.

If you took a road trip cross-country with only 3 CDs, which would they be and why?
Being on a cross country road trip with only 3 CDs would be a problem for me. And let’s be honest, I have XM for those long hauls. But okay…hmmm…probably Digable Planets – Blowout Comb, Rogue Wave – Out of the Shadow and M.I.A. – Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape (to wake me up after listening to Rogue Wave for so long.)

You have the ability to blend 2 or 3 movies together to currently describe your life. What movies and why?
Superfly and Mrs. Doubtfire. I hustle all day and read cook books at night.

Anything else you’d like to add about anything at all to everyone and anyone reading this?
Have fun. Be safe. Take pride.

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