The Best Of 2008: Patrick Shillenn

Top 10 Albums:
1. The Gaslight AnthemThe ’59 Sound
2. VerseAggression
3. …and you will know us by the Trai Of DeadFestival Thyme EP
4. Russian CirclesStation
5. Jena Berlin – This Is Yours As Much As It Is Mine
6. Polar Bear ClubSometimes Things Just Disappear
7. WarshipSupply And Depend
8. These Arms Are SnakesTail Swallower And Dove
9. Man ManRabbit Habits
10. WoodhandsHeart Attack

The Gaslight Anthem rocked 2008 because:
The ’59 Sound possesses not only truth, but also supreme beauty – a beauty cold and austere, like that of sculpture.

Favorite thing in 2008: The Great Depression II

What you wish you did more of in 2008: I wish I had read more in 2008. Second place: “learned more about Uruguay”, but I read a book about that over the weekend.

What are you looking forward to in 2009? Red Collar LP in 2009.

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