The Syndicate Pretends To Be TMZ For A One Night Stand

Elisa CuthbertThe Fuse Pre-Grammy party was littered with celebs in Los Angeles Thursday Night. As we walked in via the red carpet, no flash-bulbs went off. The paparazzi apparently never heard of “Those two guys from Jersey.”

Lots of good hangs we had and free drinks were consumed. Some people we recognized and/or talked to include Verne Troyer, NOFX, members of Alkaline Trio, Lance Bass, Pete Wentz and his girl Ashlee Simpson, Brittany Snow, Steven (from his Untitled Fuse Rock Show) and the Maroon 5 guys. BUT, the highlight of the night was accidentally bumping into Elisha Cuthbert! The Girl Next Door and former 24 star looked directly into my eyes and said, “Excuse me” in a very polite manner. It was awesome.

Oh, and Panic At The Disco played a set at Midnight. Overall a great night!

Panic At The Disco

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One Response to “The Syndicate Pretends To Be TMZ For A One Night Stand”

  1. Marc February 11, 2008 at 11:00 am #

    You are almost famous!