Promotional Tool Idea: Dropcards

We’re continually asked for new promotional tools which grab the attention of potential fans here at The Syndicate. The item needs to be eye-catching,  pocket or purse-friendly, needs to make people act, and ideally, is trackable. Not many physical promo items have all of these aspects, but one has solutions to address all of these, and because of that, we end up using and recommending Dropcards. Often.

For example, we’ve used them in many street marketing campaigns, such as Tropicana’s “Rescue the Rainforest” campaign with Cool Earth, where we used FSC- and SFI-certified cards and had Dropcards print unique codes on them for people to redeem to save their own area of the rainforest.  Twin Atlantic, a band from Scotland on Red Bull Records, also used the seeded cards to promote their album “Vivarium” with a code to redeem a free song, unique videos, and other information about the band.

Dropcards can produce plastic, paper or biodegradable cards, as well as print unique codes on other promotional materials that you have created elsewhere. Online, they can help you design a custom page or widget to redeem the code on.  This pushes your audience to your website or the Dropcards site to get new songs, videos, photos, white papers, digital downloads or whatever else you want to provide. In exchange, you get to collect quite a bit of info on the card users, such as email address and location (check out the handy geo-tracking screenshot to the right). In addition, you can update the downloadable content over time, so you provide your users a reason to return and stay involved with your ongoing campaign(s).

Recently, VIP laminates were handed out at one of our Conflict of Interest parties, providing free music downloads of that night’s talent to our attendees. This laminate served as a reminder of the great experience they had at the event, while also driving them to our website.

Dropcards is just one of the many resources we have successfully incorporated into our street, online and radio marketing campaigns in the past. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to receive more tried and tested marketing ideas. If you’re interested in trying Dropcards for yourself, sign up and enter coupon code SYNDICATE to receive 10% off your order between now and the end of 2010.

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