Panic! At The Disco

CAA and Live Nation Touring in conjunction with Crush Management approached The Syndicate to create a mysterious crop circle that would help announce the Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor US arena tour. It was required that the stunt be executed with one week lead time and with complete secrecy.


  • Organized and executed a unique experiential marketing campaign to innovatively announce the tour
  • Consulted on the creation of a crop circle stylized to promote the Panic! At The Disco Death Of A Bachelor Tour
  • Sourced a large area of land to create the crop circle, a land expert to layout the design of the stylized crop circle, and a farmer to mow the area in the stylized manner
  • Provided on-site support during the creation of the crop circle




  • 172,000+ views on tour teaser video
  • 10,800,000+ views on “LA Devotee” video featuring the crop circle
  • Over 35,000 likes on Panic! At The Disco’s Facebook teaser share