Penguin Random House





Penguin Random House approached The Syndicate to promote three novels including Morning Star (3rd book in the Red Rising series), Sleeping Giants, and Ashley Bell to 18-34 year olds via a guerrilla marketing campaign. We selected large-scale events, movie screenings and key market events to promote the three novels, focusing on gamers, fans of fiction movies/books, and comic book fans.

The Syndicate carefully chose nationally recognized events and key market-specific events to promote these novels to gamers, fiction novel enthusiasts and young adults in a successful nationwide campaign.

  • Over 28,000 books/flyers distributed across 7 events and screenings with 900,000 total attendees (key demo of 18-34 year olds)

  • Impacted at New York Comic Con where we distributed over 16,000 books/flyers inside and outside of Javits Center

  • Distributed books/flyers at the following events:

  • Comic Con International: San Diego

  • PAX Prime (Penny Arcade Expo)

  • Chicago Film Festival

  • Various movie screenings and local events