ninja sex party - COOL PATROL



Ninja Sex Party hired The Syndicate to promote the band’s album, Cool Patrol and tour.


The Syn announced the release of Cool Patrol announced at The A.V. Club with the “Danny Don’t You Know” music video, starring starring longtime NSP fan Finn Wolfhard of  Stranger Things.

  • “Danny Don’t You Know” featured by Perez HiltonAlternative PressCool Hunting, Beautiful Ballad, Inside HookGroovy TracksLOUDERPop Buzz, Exclaim and more.

  • The clip became the #1 Trending video on YouTube and is currently approaching 5.5 million views.

  • NSP was interviewed for Billboard to debut the “Heart Boner” video

  • Additional campaign highlights included features with Vulture, Washington Post and a Reddit AMA


  • First national TV appearance on CONAN

  • Cool Patrol reached No. 2 on Billboard’s Rock Albums chart, and was #1 on Billboard's Comedy Albums chart for seven weeks.

  • Cool Patrol on list for 2019 Grammy Nomination.