Street Fight Summit



For seven years running, The Syndicate has been the exclusive producers of Street Fight Summit, a curated tech conference, which explores emerging trends in the hyper-local marketing space. As an extension of the Street Fight executive team, The Syndicate has produced over ten individual conferences, from New York to LA, with each year improving over the last.


Through years of experience and intimate knowledge of the Street Fight brand, The Syndicate has produced a seamless series of events, each time learning from the last, and evolving with the brand. While no year is ever exactly the same, a few notable highlights include:

  • Researching and sourcing new and exciting venues, both in LA and New York

  • Developing and producing branded signage and collateral to feature at each event, including tote bags, window clings, and stage banners

  • Overseeing the “Local Visionary Awards” presentation, where each winner receives a customized “fighter’s belt”

  • Managing every aspect of the event, including budgets, sponsors, AV, catering, staffing, registration, branding, and speaker/stage management


  • 7+ years of The Syndicate being the exclusive producer of Street Fight Summit – New York

  • 350+ attendees attend each event, including CEOs, CMOs, and founders

  • 42+ speakers present dynamic and cutting edge content