Welcome to The Syndicate - we’re excited to have you on our team! Now let’s get down to business.

This Employee Handbook contains information about the policies, practices and culture of the company. We expect each employee to read it carefully, as it is a valuable reference for understanding your job and the company. The policies outlined should be regarded as guidelines only, which in a developing business will require changes from time to time. The company retains the right to make decisions involving employment as needed in order to conduct its work in a manner which is beneficial to the employees and the company. This Employee Handbook supersedes and replaces any and all prior verbal or written policy statements. All such revisions, deletions or additions must be in writing, and no oral statements or representations can change the provisions of this handbook.

Where We Are


1801 Willow Ave
Weehawken, NJ 07086

NYC Satellite Office: 

42 Broadway, 22nd FL
New York, NY 10004

Our Company

The following is our company’s“elevator pitch.” It’s intended to give a short summary to quickly (the length of an elevator ride) and simply explain who we are and what we do. Make yourself familiar with it!

Founded in 1998, The Syndicate is an award-winning entertainment marketing agency with strong expertise in music, comedy, and pop culture. Our clients include Taco Bell, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Random House and multiple Grammy award-winning artists and record labels.

We’ve helped sell hundreds of millions of albums for acts such as Maroon 5, Daft Punk, The Killers, Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam. We’ve also promoted dozens of comedy careers including Dane Cook, Amy Schumer, Lewis Black, Jim Gaffigan and the hit TV show Workaholics.

Our experienced staff has strong relationships with over 6,500 media outlets, including 500 college and commercial radio stations, 400 field marketing reps and hundreds of executives within every field of the entertainment business.

We’re constantly striving to find ways of integrating traditional marketing disciplines with all the possibilities of music, comedy and branding, tapping into all five sense of today’s consumer in the most effective way possible.

We’re an ever-changing agency and our intention is to lead the charge of what’s new, what’s coming, and what’s possible.

What Makes Us "US"

The Syndicate fosters a creative, bustling work environment, and we take our work seriously. We are committed to providing the best possible climate for maximum development and goal achievement for all employees. Our practice is to treat each employee as an individual. We seek to develop a spirit of team- work and collaboration; individuals working together to attain a common goal.

In order to maintain an atmosphere where these goals can be accomplished, we provide a comfortable and progressive workplace. Most importantly, we have a workplace where communication is open and problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful way. We take into account individual circumstances and the individual employee. We firmly believe with direct communication, we can resolve any difficulties which may arise.