At The Syndicate, we are committed to embracing and advancing diversity and inclusion in our office environments as well as in the work we do day to day with our clients. As part of this policy, we are committed to a workplace culture that values and promotes diversity, inclusion, equal employment opportunities, and a work environment free of harassment and hostility. 

Diversity and inclusion are related and equally important concepts. Diversity includes but is not limited to differences in race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability, religion, age, national origin, military or veteran status.

Diversity also includes differences in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, thoughts, interests, and ideas. Inclusion means ensuring that all employees are valued, heard, engaged, and involved at work and have full opportunities to collaborate, contribute, and grow professionally.

We drive our vision around Diversity & Inclusion in three ways:

1. Awareness 

As our world and our industry have evolved, workplace cultures have shown a need to be more inclusive and more respectful. In our firm and with our clients.  We drive a culture that attracts and retains high-performing employees and clients from many backgrounds. 

We place equality, empathy, and respect at the heart of our business.  We continuously seek ways to create an inclusive workplace in order to attract new talent, as well as ensure our internal teams are happy and committed to improving both productivity and workplace culture.

We hold everyone accountable to our D&I vision by sharing it as a part of our new employee orientation, as well as routinely providing training on key relevant D&I topics such as Unconscious Bias, Race Theory, and D&I as a part of our culture.  

2. Support

We are continuously seeking employees and clients with diverse backgrounds who share our values and accountability to progress.

With our employees: 

We routinely scan the employment environment to seek top diverse talent to fill roles at our company. We do this by ensuring we have a diverse slate of candidates for open positions.  Further, in promoting internally, we ensure that our internal makeup matches our external focus on diversity in terms of ethnicity, gender, and diversity of thought. 

All leaders, managers, and employees are expected to play a role in making The Syndicate a diverse and inclusive place for everyone to work.

With our clients: 

We are actively looking to partner with LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and/or minority and women-owned businesses at each stage of work with our clients.  We believe every segment of our diverse population deserves the opportunity to shine, and through this belief, we seek to highlight the diversity of both our clients and their ideas through our engagements.  

3. Engagement

To succeed in the competitive entertainment industry, we need to understand and deliver what our clients need, each and every time. This requires that we distinguish The Syndicate in different ways to grow our bottom line. We do this by learning from our unique experiences, and leveraging the diverse talents and ideas we have, in order to create something special and worthy of our client's time and business.


The Syndicate has established an internal Diversity and Inclusion Committee (D&I Committee) to coordinate and implement plans and programs regarding diversity and inclusion for our staff. The D&I Committee will oversee this initiative inside our company. 

The Syndicate always welcomes suggestions from employees about how we can be more inclusive and address and improve diversity issues. If you have any comments, concerns, or suggestions, please contact a member of the D&I Committee. The Syndicate prohibits retaliation against employees for making good faith suggestions or complaints regarding The Syndicate’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

This policy is not intended to restrict communications or actions protected or required by state or federal law.

Updated: January 1, 2023