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Y La Bamba

Y La Bamba released new 'Lucha' LP under Tender Loving Empire.


Publicity around their new LP release

Our PR department worked with Y La Bamba for the release of their seventh album, 'Lucha' via Tender Loving Empire Records – our third release with them in five years.


PR campaign that encapsulates the meaning of 'Lucha'.

The PR team collaborated with Y La Bamba and the management team to define the narrative of this album, exploring multiplicity—love, queerness, Mexican American and Chicanx identity, family, intimacy, yearning, loneliness—and chronicling a period of struggle and growth for lead vocalist and producer Luz Elena Mendoza Ramos as a person and artist.

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Years working together


Release campaigns


“It’s rare for a project to discover its full potential 15 years onward, but that seems to be exactly what’s happened with Y La Bamba.”


Pitchfork Magazine


National coverage and loving reviews

Across 15 years and 7 releases in their career, Y La Bamba’s music has engaged a national audience and our campaign resulted in the most prominent press of the band's career. This led to a theater tour with St. Paul and the Broken Bones, festival appearances and sold out headlining shows. Lucha was also named ‘Best of 2023’ by Pitchfork & Variety.

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